4 Secrets Every Man Should Know When Buying Jewellery for a Woman



It is a tough world of gifting out there. Gifting makes everyone feel special. However this “special feeling” comes with a lot of pressure, especially for men.  

Here is a guide to help every guy who wants to gift that perfect piece of jewellery for either their mother, or sister or wife or even friend. Read on to unravel the secrets to gifting women jewellery 


1. Buy her something that is personal  

Most women love it when a gift comes from the heart. It reminds them of the bigger picture which is the emotion and not the material value of the gift. For example – A piece that has her favourite colour or a piece that reminded you of her or just a simple heart to express your love.


2. Peep into her Jewellery box, more importantly – look at her

Watch what she wears already, understand the style she prefers. But most importantly understand her. That is much easier, you can easily reflect a woman’s personality through a Jewellery piece when you see it. This will make the gift a lot more special and she will treasure it forever.


3. Don’t assume, listen carefully – they are never that subtle

Many women know what they want, and if they are expecting a gift from you they will not spare any hints. Some women love big stones and some prefer simple designs. So before choosing something special for example an engagement ring, don’t assume that all women love big stones and go for that option. Try to understand the preference from them and then choose. This makes it easier for you and your wallet!


4. Last resort – get help from her best friend 

If none of the above options work, turn to her best friend or sister or any other female figure that is close to her. They know her like no one else, especially when it comes to shopping. Nine out of ten times they are spot on and accurate about the right gift for her. And if it is a surprise make sure this teaming up is a safe secret that is to be maintained till the gift is given and appreciated.


Hope these secrets will help you gift your special woman something truly special, that she can wear for eternity. 


If these secrets are hard to uncode, you can always come visit our store and explain your dilemma to our sales team and they can help curate that perfect gift for any occasion