Accessorize Your Personality



Every woman who goes shopping says this “ I like them all, now which one should I buy?”

Yes ladies, the struggle is real. But have you ever wondered…“Maybe this piece is the one because its so me!” – because that’s what a lot of women say too. 

Now what is this connect we draw between a piece of treasure and our personalities? We take you through a journey of different pieces that resonate different strong personalities. Comment below to let us know your thoughts!


1. Respectfully Shy

This one is for the elegant and introverted few. Caress your delicate persona with an equally complementing intricate piece.

A piece like this that will help you get out of your shell like a pearl from an oyster to shine in a new found light.


2. Spontaneously Adventurous 

Dare to wear something daunting? This one is for the soul shakers who are always up for something new. In the fashion industry they would be deemed to be the most saught after trendsetters. Get your adrenaline pumping to witness a look like no other –

Fresh. Vibrant. Thrilling. All these words encompass this look and your style mantra too.



3. Confident & Edgy

Are you comfortable in your own skin? Do you notice numerous eye balls towards you when you walk into a room? Are you a social butterfly? If your answer is yes – you are in the right place. 

Reflecting your razor sharp aura and sleek style is a set curated to personify you.



4. Loyal 

You are a believer. You are a good friend, who is trusts easily. You value relations. Inspired by your unparalled personality and your firecely faithful knot of trust – we find this piece most suitable to your liking

The ring intertwines to symbolise how you will always be there alongside, being the happiest blooming person who supports the ones around you. 


5. Caring and Emotional 

Its only human to feel any emotions, but do you feel like you tear up at the smallest sorrow, or get carried by your emotions in the deepest form possible? Fear not , you lie in the majority of all personality traits. To honour your ability to embrace emotions in a caring way, we have curated a piece just like you.

When you look at it closely it looks like a mesh of many different emotions. But as you step back and look at the bigger picture – it’s the most beautifully unque thing you’ve ever seen. 


6. Extravagantly Generous 

The kindest souls, who are forever giving.  They take sharing is caring to a whole other level. The flamboyance of their gestures have most of us appreciatively wondering how big a heart they have.  Find your timeless soulmates here-

These pieces styled together signify a bountiless offering. A cup full of diamonds and strings of pearls – is a gift only the generous would give. 


All these traits are not meant to segregate us, they bring us together to form the most powerful and meaningful combinations. Just like how we mix and match jewels and outfits, we also mix and match personalities. The result of this is the creation of something completely and undefinably unique.…and that is YOU 


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