If Accessories reflected Horoscopes !!



This one is for the astrology junkies. We all find horoscopes to be an interesting take on our personalities, it becomes a fun conversation to have in groups to assess one another’s personalities. 

Similarly, your zodiac sign can reflect several Jewellery styles. Read on to find out how! 



Aries are leaders, they can be trendsetters and wear only the latest trends. Aries reflect enthusiasm and energy – this can be showcased in the form of chunky, glamourous and edgy Jewellery. The colour red is a favourite for this fire sign. 


Mostly seen in – Corals and Ruby Jewellery 






This sign exudes an earthier and more natural vibe. However they love to indulge in luxury and are materialistic in some ways. This earth sign is usually spotted daunting a combination of trendy and classic on most occasions.


Mostly seen in- Yellow Gold and Diamond






This zodiac sign is witty, creative and very colourful. They like to tell a story by expressing themselves through what they wear. This star sign likes to communicate through designs, for example – hearts, butterflies and stars. 


Mostly seen in – Purple accessories and Delicate designs






Cancerians are one of the more emotional signs. They value pieces that comes from the heart rather than the wallet. They believe in fairytales and the ‘Forever and a Day’ idea of love. Once you gift them something from the heart, they never let go. 


Mostly seen in – Sentimental pieces like engagement rings or a ring gifted by their parents






The flamboyant Leos are always sporting the biggest rocks. Just like their bold personality, their Jewellery reflects statement. Catch them at a party shining brighter than the disco ball. 


Mostly seen in – Shiny Gold Set






Virgos are all about subtlety and simplistic appearances.  They are happy to wear minimal designs that don’t attract too much attention. Find them in delicate designs and muted shine. 


Mostly seen in – Pearls and Matte Finished Jewellery





This star sign is friendly and tends to move with the flock. This trait makes them more open to adopting trends and hence they have a huge collection of different pieces. They usually go for more wearable Jewellery in terms of a design that can be worn with any style. Find them on shopping sprees with their friends for the latest designs. They however balance out the frequent shopping with purchasing pieces that are multipurpose so that they are wearable over a long period of time. 


Mostly seen in – Multipurpose jewels and Gemstone Jewellery 





Scorpions are hidden personalities. Most of them don’t reveal their tastes and preferences off a whim.  They have multiple different personalities and it is often hard to draw a generalization on their jewellery style. The safest bet if you are thinking of gifting a Scorpion is to go with something classic or a piece of jewellery with their birthstone – Topaz, tourmaline or opal.






Sagittarians are happy go lucky explorers! Their jewellery style reflects the cultures and designs from across the world. Their enthusiastic attitude allows for a more adventurous style from an exotic location. 


Mostly seen in – Blue stone jewels






Capricorns are luxury-oriented and high-end buyers. They value jewellery as an investment rather than just an accessory. The most important aspect for them is the quality and the craftsmanship. Timeless pieces is their usual style and all of this rides on trust. 


Mostly seen in – Heavy diamond jewellery and large stones. 






Aquarians are the true nature lovers. They would love to be innovative and prefer designs that are original. A plus point for them would be if the jewels originate from some humanitarian or moral grounds like purchasing for a cause. 


Mostly seen in – Blue and Red 






This zodiac sign is the sign of dreamers. They are usually swayed away by fantasy or any new trend. Easily gullible, this sign is a huge marketing victim and tend to purchase unwanted things that they regret later on. It is best to gift them something dreamy or like it has come out of a fairytale, this is a sure shot gift for them. 

Mostly seen in – Delicate Timeless designs 



Hope you find this article useful. You can visit Antara to shop for any jewellery based on your personality and we will be happy to help you find the right piece.