How to maintain your jewellery so that it still looks new



Jewellery is something that is very symbolic to Indian culture. Nearly every woman in India wears some jewellery in every day life. For younger girls it could be diamond or gold studs, for newly married girls it would be a ring and diamond or gold tops, for working women it could be a simple bracelet and small earrings. Basically as women in India age, the more jewellery they wear on a daily basis. 

Because these pieces are worn everyday, the wear and tear of life can affect your jewellery if you don’t take proper care of it. Which is why we would like to share some simple hacks that can make all your pieces look fresh and new despite wearing them every day.


1. Store them separately 

Each piece of jewellery must be stored in individual pouches or boxes. This includes earrings too, each earring must be kept in separate containers. This will avoid any damange related to friction.

Sometimes harder stones can damage softer stones if rubbed against each other, so maintaining distance is always a plus. On the bright side, once you have this set-up in place you will always remember where each piece is! So it’s a win-win!

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2. Avoid contamination

Each metal and each piece and each finishing reacts differently to different substances. So it’s a general rule to never expose your jewellery to the following – perfume, lotions, nail polish remover, cosmetics and cooking grease. 

These chemicals can lead to the tarnishing and discolouration of your jewellery.  If by any chance your jewellery does come in contact with these items, just use a tissue and dap gently to remove the chemical. This will ensure either no damange or minimal damage if any, as compared to running it under water or cleaning it with soap.

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3. Last on, first off 

The general habit of wearing jewellery should be wear it last and remove it first. Whenever we get ready in the morning we tend to be in a hurry, and this could lead to a hasty mistake when it comes to jewellery. At night when we are home we often forget to remove our jewellery before changing. This can lead to the jewellery getting stuck in the fabric of your clothes and could damage the setting if yanked too hard. 


Once this practice is initiated it will become a healthy habit for your jewels.

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4. Gentle cleaning 

Jewellery that is worn everyday is exposed to the natural oils and secretions of the skin. Sometimes these secretions can accumulate and leave maybe an odour or a mild discolouration. Hence these pieces need to be gently cleaned with mild soap, water and a non-abrasive toothbrush. The key here is to be gentle and let the dust and any other contamination just wash away naturally. 


Keep up with this practice once in 2 weeks atleast to see your pieces sparkle as if they are new! 

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If you are still confused about how to clean each piece, you can always seek professional advice from our experts to ensure that you are using the right maintanence method for your piece.