Top 10 jewellery trends showcased on Instagram



Instagram has replaced window shopping in the most elaborate way. Find any trend, any fashion alert and ofcourse anything on Instagram. 

While Instagram is helpful to find these trends, it is often hard to go through the massive clutter online. This is why we have put together the top 10 Instagram trends in the jewelery space. Read on to find out – 


1. Rose Gold Cocktail Rings

Why do women love rose gold? It comes closest to ‘pink gold’. Cocktail rings are statement pieces, but when crafted in rose gold, they become more versatile to wear. The soft blush of the rose gold adds subtelty to the bold rings to make them a go to piece for any occasion.



2. Diamond Weaving

Imagine wearing a necklace weaved in diamonds to adorn your neck at a formal evening occasion. This pattern is knitted together in a symmetrical design as if to resemble a blanket of stars.


3. Love Knot Bands 

Everyone wears a diamond ring as a token of love. Well among the trend sof 2018, the  love knot ring ranks as one of the ground breaking symbols of love. This ring depicts the bond of a relationship that is solidified in gold and sprinkled with diamonds.


4. Mother of Pearl Designs 

This trend has picked up during the spring season that was all about pastels and floral designs. But we think this is an evergreen and classic trend, one that rarely goes out of style. The dainty pink blossoms in mother of pearl will definitely earn a lot of compliments for you. 



5. Shaded Meenakari Work 

Meenakari has been an art that has been carried forward through the ages. The handiwork is truly beautiful in every design, however this year we have seen something new with this art. This piece named ‘Neelkamal’ exhibits the most perfect blend of the night into jewellery, the tinge of violet shaded as enamel adds to the grandeur of this piece – making it a trend to follow.




6. Stacking and Layering

In today’s day and age – the concept of less is more lies redundant on Instagram. More is always more. More is always going to catch the eye. So go for more – Wear a cocktail ring on every finger and stack up! Tip – You can do this for bracelets or necklackes also.


7. Fusion – Jadau X Diamond Designing

Fusion is always tricky, but when done right it is a masterpiece! Just like that the trend of fusion jewellery has been extended to jadau as well. Revamp your look with this style and get on that band wagon. 



8. Wear it to work! 

We see so many bloggers/celebrities wearing bling to work. Subtelty infused with design is your mantra to being fashionable at work. Pick these trendy yet classic designs to wear to work and wake up every Monday morning to some bling! 



9. Mix and Match 

Mixing and matching comtrasting desings that create a unique look is what the trendsetters are sporting on the internet. The simplest way to do this is to pick bold rings that complement classic bracelets – this adds some edge to the classic look but also embraces elegance at the same time.  



10. Intricate Filigree work 

Finally, the last but definitely not the least – Filigree work. Filigree work is a delicate design made out of gold that makes it look like a meshed or woven pattern. This work is truly a craft that can be mastered by only some – that’s why it is an eye catcher on the internet. 



These are the top trends indentified by our trend research team on the internet – to find such pieces you can always visit our store. And to stay updated with more trends follow us on Instagram.