Revolutionizing Jewellery Shopping: Contrasting Parental Inquiries with Millennial's Insta-Driven, Confident Choices

There is an evident difference in the way parents shop for jewellery as compared to their children in today’s time. Here is how every parent shops v/s how we shop for jewellery broken down step by step from display to purchase – because its all in the details.


Every child has heard their parents ask jewellers a list of standard questions as if they have memorised them for an interview to be asked to a candidate.

1. “In the same gold weight can we get something that looks heavier? ”

2. “What is the cut, carat and clarity of these diamonds? ”

3. “Can you share a break up of the costing? ”

Some of these questions alienate us from the vast world of jewellery specifications. We steer away from our parents while they play Q & A with the jeweller and our eyes begin to wonder around the glass showcases.

We get lost in looking at different designs and observe the different colours. Obviously we have done our research like every other milennial from our most valuable source – Instagram.

Soon after we scan through the collection, we ask just one simple question –

“Do you have something like this” *Showing a screenshot of this trendy piece you saw on Instagram a few days back*

“Eyes on the prize”


Once our parents shortlist a few options that justify the quality and price to the best of their understanding. They begin trying everything on, one by one.

As they look into the mirror admiring the beauty of the piece on them, they will ask us nearly a 100 times how it looks. Our answer would be –

Its nice ..x100 (for nearly all the pieces they choose)

Frowning at us as if we arent giving our honest opinion they start clicking pictures and sending it on the family group on Whatsapp to get a consensus on what the entire family thinks.

50 notifications of “Sundar”, “Wow”, “Kaha se hai” and a 1000 emojis later – they evaluate the answers of the entire family and finally if we are lucky they have a clear winner!

Us, no we knew what we wanted from the beginning. We know whats trending, what style usually suits us and what budget we are looking at. If we find a piece that combines all these 3 in a beautifully crafted design – we take it home.

“Real quick”


Once the purchase is made – Our parents will pester us throughout the car ride home saying –

“Beta, are you sure that piece looked good, I made the right decision right, you don’t think any of the other pieces were better than this right?”

Once we have reassured them and cleared all doubts, we register a mental note to compliment them when they wear it for the first time to reinforce this.

On the other hand, once we have made the purchase we don’t look back, we know we have made the right choice – the only question we have in mind is:

“Now…when can I wear this the earliest? I cant wait for all those compliments and likes on Instagram”

“The End”