floral design gold chain and earrings

Floral Jewellery Collection - for the one that blooms with time

Fiori is when you marry the beauty of 3.
The magical three-word spell behind Fiori is Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold, all combined to create a beautiful range of floral jewellery collections.
An elegant fusion of these 3 elements, brings the art of the international to homeland.

Designs handcrafted in blossoming floral patterns made with 22k pure gold.

floral design gold earrings


The inspiration behind Fiori are the two fundamentals,

Power of Fusion: Where you see rare blends of 3 Golds (Yellow, White and Rose)

Beauty of the Gardens : Giving life to an admiration by translating floral patterns of the Vatican Gardens into jewellery designs.

floral design white gold ring
floral design white gold ring


The Magic Of Floral Jewellery Pieces In White Gold, Rose Gold, And Yellow Gold By Antara

Walk into the magical world of Antara’s captivating floral jewellery collection made up of the magic of three – White Gold, Rose Gold, and Yellow Gold. Witness the magical fusion of craftsmanship and nature, offering the elegance of tradition and the charms of modernity. A well-made collection, where the beauty of gardens meets the timelessness of gold, creating a spellbinding experience that resonates with grace and sophistication.

Why We Recommend Buying Rose Gold Jewellery From Antara?

Rose gold, a member of the gold family, effortlessly harmonises with diverse metals and gemstones. It is an alloy made by combining gold with copper and, in some cases, a small amount of silver. The gold content is typically 75% (18 karats) or 58.3% (14 karats), with the remainder being copper and sometimes silver. At Antara Jewellery in Mumbai, we embrace the beauty of this metal and the upgrading preferences of our customers – thus, when carving any piece of jewellery out of rose gold, we ensure its shine and durability. We encourage you to explore the Fiori collection, which has a variety of rose gold jewellery—rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to elevate a variety of looks.

What Makes Antara’s White Gold Jewellery Unique?

White Gold gets its colours from other white metals such as nickel, palladium, or silver that gives it that lasting gloss and shine like silver or platinum. It has become a popular choice and alternative for many young audiences. Antara’s white gold jewellery has an enduring charm because of the proportions and finish we give to the jewellery made of this metal. If you appreciate the serene beauty of White Gold, our nearby jewellery store is a must-visit. We are sure our collection is sure to leave you in awe.

Types Of Rose Gold Jewellery By Antara

Our striking collection includes a play of contemporary styles merged with the beauty of traditional artistry. We offer a range of jewellery such as:

  • Rose Gold Ring: Rose gold rings by Antara are adored by many as they make a captivating solo statement, putting the metal in the spotlight.
  • Rose Gold Bracelets: The uniqueness of our rose gold bangles lies not only in its choice of metals but also in its diverse array of patterns. From ornamental mesh to graceful twirls, delicate petals, each design tells a story of artistry right around your wrist.
  • Rose Gold Earrings: Whispering the grace of blooming flowers, Antara’s Rose Gold Earrings feature nature-inspired designs for organic charm.
  • Rose Gold Necklace: Let your neckline speak the embodiment of your elegance and modernity with Antara’s rose gold necklace.

Types Of White Gold Jewellery By Antara

White gold, an elegant alternative to yellow gold, is created by alloying gold with metals like nickel or palladium and is often rhodium-plated for added lustre. Popular among the younger audience, it holds international appeal and carries a higher value than platinum.

Create your perfect look with different White Gold Jewellery By Antara –

  • White Gold Earrings:  White gold earrings, an all-time choice cherished by women for its subtle charm. Uplift your style with Antara’s collection of white gold earrings designed to resonate.
  • White Gold Bracelets: Adorn your wrist with grace and sophistication. Antara presents a stunning array of white gold bracelets that blend elegance with modern flair, catering to the refined taste of today’s women.
  • White Gold Rings: Embrace the allure of white gold on your fingers. Antara’s collection of white gold rings combines classic charm with contemporary design, offering a range that complements with your favourite style.

Types Of Yellow Gold Jewellery By Antara

Yellow gold jewellery by Antara is classic and timeless. Available in various carats, our designs have captured the essence of traditional and global roots.

  • Yellow Gold Earrings:  Illuminate your look with Antara’s yellow gold earrings. Crafted to enhance your style, these everlasting favourites cater to lovers of both contemporary and traditional designs.
  • Yellow Gold Bangles: Let your wrists shine with the warmth of tradition and sophistication with our collection of yellow gold bangles. Each piece at Antara is meticulously designed to complement your grace, making a statement that resonates with the richness of yellow gold.
  • Yellow Gold Rings: Make a lasting impression with our exquisite yellow gold rings. At Antara, our collection reflects the essence of elegance and style. Whether you prefer classic or modern designs, our yellow gold rings are a symbol of timeless beauty and craftsmanship.

Floral Gold Jewellery For Every Occasion

Discover enchanting Floral Gold Jewellery in the captivating hues of white, rose, and yellow gold, offering a mesmerising blend of nature-inspired elegance. Each variant adds a unique character, with white gold for a modern touch, rose gold for a warm romantic glow, and yellow gold embodying rich timeless tradition. Experience the charms of our Floral Gold Jewellery for every occasion.

Here are the some occasions you can complement with our Floral Gold Jewellery: 

  • Dinner Date: Add spark to your date look with a pair of floral rings from the Fiori collection. 
  • Cocktail Party: Enhance the elegance of a cocktail dress with a statement floral gold bracelet or earrings from the Fiori collection, adding a touch of sophistication to your ensemble. 
  • New Bride Look: Inspire your extended family with your taste in fine jewellery. Opt for a delicate floral necklace to complement your traditional Indian attire, such as a saree or lehenga, during post .
  • Festive Ready: Wear a set of floral gold bangles or earrings with your ethnic outfit during festive occasions, enhancing the festive vibes and celebrating the joyous atmosphere.