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A sheer justice to its name, the collection is about creating jewellery pieces with 18KT gold, pearls, diamonds, unique gemstones or crystals. Titli knows no bounds.

The Diamond Series

The shimmer of a selectively sourced Antara diamond is of the highest VVS EF & FG quality. Clustered together by the best jewellery design team in the industry - an exclusive Antara's diamond jewellery designs radiates outwards.


It's a work of art that seamlessly melds modernity with a deep respect for its traditions, radiating grace just like the women of today. Let it extend its embrace to draw you in and let you immerse yourself in the essence of each piece.


Elara everyday wear bangles

Inspired by women's strength and elegance, we bring you sophisticated 18k Italian gold jewellery in versatile designs to define your everyday look. Made for the wondrous woman out there, who is so much more than just the first impression.


The magical three worded spell behind Fiori is Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold. An elegant fusion of these 3 elements, bring the art of the international to homeland.

The Bridal Edit

Transport yourself to a magical palace with glistening gold and dazzling diamonds, a place of endless possibilities and the prettiest designs – The Antara store. Make your wedding the fairy tale wedding you had always dreamed of with Antara.