Classics, redefined for the new age woman.
Walk with confidence and grace as you carry a heritage of art and intricacies.
From the elegance of traditional jewellery to the magic of modern adornments.
Mysteria is a place where both worlds meet and shine out loud.

Occasion wear jewellery


Step into the enchanting realm of Mysteria, where the finesse of craftsmanship meets the grace of artistry. Each piece, like the trees in a forest, holds its unique story, waiting to be discovered. Mysteria is a place where contemporary narratives are intricately woven into age-old traditions.

Antara's occasion wear jewellery designs Party Wear Rings Party Wear Necklace Mysteria's Party Wear Necklace
Occasion Wear Necklace
Antara's occasion wear jewellery designs Party Wear Rings Party Wear Necklace Occasion Wear Necklace Mysteria's Party Wear Necklace


How Do Antara’s Party Wear Jewellery Pieces Enhance Your Attire?

Antara Jewellery‘s Mysteria collection boasts an alluring array of unique and magnificent party wear jewellery, designed to infuse glamour and sophistication into your attire. Carefully curated to complement various party ensembles, these pieces ensure you radiate unmatched elegance at every event. Seamlessly blending contemporary style, our Party Wear Jewellery makes a bold statement. It’s your perfect choice for enhancing your party look, leaving a lasting impression with its unique designs and impeccable craftsmanship. Whether you prefer a bold statement piece or minimalistic elegance, our collection caters to all tastes. Highlighted pieces from the collection include:

  • Polki Diamond Necklace: Finish your look with the 18kt meena necklace featuring Swarovski diamonds and Swarovski polki, a perfect statement piece bound to turn heads.
  • Blue Meena Necklace: Ideal for the minimalist, this piece combines blue and white meena with oval diamonds, creating a delicate and graceful accessory.
  • Fancy Cocktail Bangles: Add a touch of glamour to your cocktail attire with these 18kt real diamond bangles, designed with a 3 dimensional effect for a standout look.
  • Polki Diamond Earrings: Whether it is that Royal blue dress or a beige one, for added sparkle, these earrings will amplify your glam.

Amplify Your Look with Our Range of Exquisite Occasion Wear Jewellery

Explore the captivating world of Mysteria, where elegance of the traditions meet the celebrations of a modern mind. Offering a range of the best occasion wear jewellery in Mumbai, which is crafted to amplify every moment and look. Immerse yourself in the mystique of our collection, ensuring you shine at every special event – whether it is a cocktail party, a friends engagement or a festive time.

Explore Pre-Wedding Jewellery for Your Memorable Days

On board this odyssey of elegance and grace with our collection of pre-wedding jewellery, designed for your memorable days leading up to the big event. Our curated pieces capture the essence of romance, offering a blend of timeless charm and contemporary lure. From intricate necklaces to delicate bangles, each piece is crafted to add a touch of sophistication to your pre-wedding celebrations. Discover the perfect adornments that symbolise the joy and anticipation of your special moments, ensuring you radiate beauty and grace on this enchanting journey. Explore Antara’s pre-wedding jewellery and make every prelude to your wedding a cherished memory.

Take a Look at the Elegant, Classy Cocktail Jewellery Collection at Antara

Explore sophistication and style with Antara’s Cocktail Jewellery Collection, designed to uplift your glamorous evenings. Each piece is a statement of refined luxury, carefully curated to add allure to your cocktail attire.

  • Magic Setting Diamond Bracelets: Add a touch of magic and brilliance to your cocktail ensemble with a set of diamond bracelets.
  • Real Diamond Rings: Finish your look with shine. Sparkling real diamond rings for the effortlessly glowing look.