colourful jewellery designs from Titli

A collection for the vibrant and free-spirited

A sheer justice to its name, the collection is about creating jewellery pieces with 18KT gold, pearls, diamonds, unique gemstones or crystals.

butterfly design gold earrings

Ask TitlI

What is it like to breath in the reality of dreams
What its like to break a cocoon of limitations
What its like when to spread wings wide
Know whats it to be free-spirited
Ask Titli!

Our craftsmens, make sure, that each piece of titli is uniquely colourful on its own – their inspiration is spirit of a butterfly that believes in setting free.

Open Wings To:
Desire | Curiosity | Free-Spirit

gemstone gold chain
colorful gold chocker chain colorful pearl chain and earrings jewellery in vibrant colors
gemstone gold chain colorful gold chocker chain colorful pearl chain and earrings jewellery in vibrant colors


Tales of your Pearl Gold Jewellery Collection. Unveiling designs with pearls

Just how a butterfly nurtures a beautiful garden, the pearl designs in Antara’s Pearl Gold Jewellery Collection have been inspired by this sparkling relationship. Every piece of pearl jewellery is humblingly married in white gold, with designs that are contemporary yet intact to the roots. All the colours in this collection magnify the colours inspired by our homeland.

Woven gold strands in lustrous pearls and vibrant gemstones, make you mesmerised.

  • Freshwater Pearl Necklace: Experience the refined beauty of freshwater pearls with Antara’s exquisite pearl necklace designs, where simplicity meets sophistication.
  • Mother Of Pearls Earrings: Adorn yourself with our classic Mother of Pearls earrings. The radiance of these pearls, delicately crafted from the inner layers of shells, adds a touch of nature’s beauty to your ensemble. Experience the subtle yet captivating charm of these exquisite earrings, perfect for any occasion

Songs of Modern Gemstone Gold Jewellery Sets Composed for You

The colours of life could simply come alive in your jewellery set. What better blend could one find if it weren’t of Gemstones and Gold. Titli’s Gemstone Gold Jewellery Sets are such precious eye candies for the lovers of jewellery and the lovers of occasional styles.

  • Pink Opal Necklace: Explore the mystical allure of Pink Opal Necklace in Antara’s gemstone necklace designs, blending contemporary elegance with the calming essence of this unique gemstone.
  • Green Russian Earrings: Experience the enchanting shades of Green Russian Gemstone earrings in Antara’s jewellery, where each piece reflects the unique and captivating charm of this precious gem.

Embrace Dew-Like Crystal Gold Jewellery Designs

In Antara’s Titli Collection, crystals are handpicked and diligently supervised. Every piece of crystal gold jewellery design goes through a radiance check, each ray of light that the crystal emits is duly understood and improved.

The dew-like crystal set is a careful arrangement of crystal gold jewellery that adds a touch of grace and sophistication in your jewellery edition.

  • Crystal Gold Necklace: Discover the bliss of Antara’s Crystal Gold Necklaces, seamlessly blending the sparkle of crystals with the radiant allure of gold, creating a captivating accessory.
  • Crystal Gold Rings: Upgrade your ring collection with Antara’s Crystal Gold Rings, a perfect blend of crystal brilliance and gold charm for a touch of modern luxury.

From your pastel wardrobe festive attire to solid white dresses,all of these could complement well with versatile crystal gold jewellery designs. 


Featuring newest designs setting trends in 18KT Gold Jewellery from Antara

Antara Jewellery proudly shares its latest designs, setting forward-thinking trends in 18KT Gold Jewellery. Each piece in the collection is a paramount depiction of detailed craftsmanship and contemporary style, making a bold statement in the ever-evolving world of jewellery fashion.


The use of 18KT gold in Antara’s jewellery collection enhances the allure of each piece, imparting a timeless and enduring elegance. Renowned for its purity, 18KT gold signifies a composition of 75% pure gold alloyed with a precise balance of other metals, resulting in a durable and luxurious material that stands the test of time. This ensures that Antara’s creations not only exude sophistication and glamour but also retain their lustre and beauty for generations to come.


For a firsthand experience of the stories awaiting you in the realm of sophistication and glamour, we invite you to visit our Antara store. Discover the unique allure and enduring elegance of 18KT Gold Jewellery, where each piece narrates a tale of artistry, tradition, and timeless beauty.