It's a good idea to swap your gold for something new and lasting

It’s a good idea to exchange your gold for something new and lasting. Gold jewellery in India is not just an essential part of cultural adornment but also a time-honoured investment, symbolising both aesthetic tradition and financial well-being. In the rich tapestry of Indian tradition, a piece of gold isn’t merely an accessory; it’s a cherished family heirloom, handed down through generations. A 2022 study highlights’ gold’s investment potential; it serves as a hedge against inflation risks, consistently outperforming inflation rates with a commendable 11.50% return over a span of 22+ years compared to the average inflation of 6.13% in the past years. One of the  reasons why people consider continuing investing in gold over generations.

So the prospect of swapping your gold for something fresh and lasting, ensuring a profitable exchange is crucial. The following points unfold essential tips to navigate the process of exchanging old gold, while making a financially clever decision. 

Things To Remember When Exchanging Your Old Gold:


  1. Choose a trustworthy Jewellery Store or a Buyer

    • Keep in mind the below when choosing a trustworthy jewellery store or a buyer.
    • Ensure to visit a reputable jewellery store and understand their exchange policies and pricing structures.
    • Go for a jewellery brand with a solid reputation for investment reliability.
    • Choose hallmarked jewels for their high resale value, that offer financial security and a touch of enchantments. 
    • Make a note that different jewellers may have varied rules for exchanging gold or diamond jewellery, so ensure a comprehensive understanding.
    • Furthermore, you stay updated about current gold prices to make viable decisions while the exchange takes place.
  2. Check the Gross Weight and Net Weight of the Jewellery on a Weighing Scale

    As you go through your jewellery collection to decide which gold pieces to exchange, opt for items that are plain, without gemstones or intricate embellishments. It’s advisable to either trade the gold separately or remove any valuable stones before the exchange. This approach will ensure you receive better value for your gold during the exchange. We, at Antara, remove valuable gemstones in front of you to be transparent and fair in our old gold valuation.

  3. Check for the Hallmark(Purity of the Gold)

    Whether you’re buying new gold jewellery or planning to trade in gold, always check for a hallmark that signifies the metal’s purity. To simplify both buying and selling experiences and reduce stress, Indian regulations now mandate that every beautiful gold item must have a unique HUID number. This number serves as a reliable way to verify the authenticity of the jewellery.

  4. Swap Your Old Gold for New: Exchange Transactions Surge by 150%

    Recent market trends suggested that jewellers estimate that this festive season of October-November 2023 exchange-based transactions for gold purchases have increased by a substantial 150%, all in response to the spike in gold price. The old-gold exchange transaction has increased up to 50% which was previously 20%.  Suggesting that the consumers are opening up to the trend of exchanging gold jewellery as a smarter choice to experience the latest designs.

  5. Don’t Forget to Carry the Original Gold Receipt / Bill and Any Certificates

    Don’t forget to take the original receipt and any certificates you have for your gold. These will show how much your gold weighs and how pure it is. It’s also good to keep these documents in case you need to check your gold’s weight later. Antara Jewellery in Mumbai also has a Karat Meter to help you check the purity of your old gold.


Trade Your Old Gold for Stunning New Jewellery Designs at Antara

As you navigate the process of exchanging your old gold for something fresh and lasting accompanied with  a stunning design, remember that Antara stands as a trusted partner in this transformation journey. Recognised for reliability and investment security, Antara’s jewellery stores in Borivali and Dadar proudly offer a 100% exchange value for your old gold, irrespective of its origin. We  prioritise transparency by removing valuable gemstones in front of you during the exchange, ensuring a fair valuation. Experience the pinnacle of a smart exchange with Antara Jewellery, where you can smoothly move from outdated pieces to the latest and most exquisite gold jewellery design .Come, make a smart exchange with Antara Jewellery.