It’s a good idea to exchange your gold for something new and lasting. Gold jewellery in India is not just an essential part of cultural adornment but also a time-honoured investment, symbolising both aesthetic tradition and financial well-being. In the rich tapestry of Indian tradition, a piece of gold isn’t merely an accessory; it’s a cherished family heirloom, handed down through generations. A 2022 study highlights’ gold’s investment potential; it serves as a hedge against inflation risks, consistently outperforming inflation rates with a commendable 11.50% return over a span of 22+ years compared to the average inflation of 6.13% in the past years. One of the  reasons why people consider continuing investing in gold over generations.

So the prospect of swapping your gold for something fresh and lasting, ensuring a profitable exchange is crucial. The following points unfold essential tips to navigate the process of exchanging old gold, while making a financially clever decision. 

Things To Remember When Exchanging Your Old Gold:


  1. Choose a trustworthy Jewellery Store or a Buyer

    • Keep in mind the below when choosing a trustworthy jewellery store or a buyer.
    • Ensure to visit a reputable jewellery store and understand their exchange policies and pricing structures.
    • Go for a jewellery brand with a solid reputation for investment reliability.
    • Choose hallmarked jewels for their high resale value, that offer financial security and a touch of enchantments. 
    • Make a note that different jewellers may have varied rules for exchanging gold or diamond jewellery, so ensure a comprehensive understanding.
    • Furthermore, you stay updated about current gold prices to make viable decisions while the exchange takes place.
  2. Check the Gross Weight and Net Weight of the Jewellery on a Weighing Scale

    As you go through your jewellery collection to decide which gold pieces to exchange, opt for items that are plain, without gemstones or intricate embellishments. It’s advisable to either trade the gold separately or remove any valuable stones before the exchange. This approach will ensure you receive better value for your gold during the exchange. We, at Antara, remove valuable gemstones in front of you to be transparent and fair in our old gold valuation.

  3. Check for the Hallmark(Purity of the Gold)

    Whether you’re buying new gold jewellery or planning to trade in gold, always check for a hallmark that signifies the metal’s purity. To simplify both buying and selling experiences and reduce stress, Indian regulations now mandate that every beautiful gold item must have a unique HUID number. This number serves as a reliable way to verify the authenticity of the jewellery.

  4. Swap Your Old Gold for New: Exchange Transactions Surge by 150%

    Recent market trends suggested that jewellers estimate that this festive season of October-November 2023 exchange-based transactions for gold purchases have increased by a substantial 150%, all in response to the spike in gold price. The old-gold exchange transaction has increased up to 50% which was previously 20%.  Suggesting that the consumers are opening up to the trend of exchanging gold jewellery as a smarter choice to experience the latest designs.

  5. Don’t Forget to Carry the Original Gold Receipt / Bill and Any Certificates

    Don’t forget to take the original receipt and any certificates you have for your gold. These will show how much your gold weighs and how pure it is. It’s also good to keep these documents in case you need to check your gold’s weight later. Antara Jewellery in Mumbai also has a Karat Meter to help you check the purity of your old gold.


Trade Your Old Gold for Stunning New Jewellery Designs at Antara

As you navigate the process of exchanging your old gold for something fresh and lasting accompanied with  a stunning design, remember that Antara stands as a trusted partner in this transformation journey. Recognised for reliability and investment security, Antara’s jewellery stores in Borivali and Dadar proudly offer a 100% exchange value for your old gold, irrespective of its origin. We  prioritise transparency by removing valuable gemstones in front of you during the exchange, ensuring a fair valuation. Experience the pinnacle of a smart exchange with Antara Jewellery, where you can smoothly move from outdated pieces to the latest and most exquisite gold jewellery design .Come, make a smart exchange with Antara Jewellery.


Festivals in India bring with it a sense of joy and new beginnings. Among the cherished traditions of this festive season is the act of investing in gold and diamond jewellery. Gold during auspicious festivities signifies more than just ornamentation; it is believed to usher in prosperity during this time of blissfulness.

Reasons to buy jewellery as per different occasions


  • Personal Expression: During the period of festivities and occasions, jewellery allows individuals to express their unique style, personality, and tastes.
  • Symbolism and Sentiment: Quite often wearing jewellery such as heirloom or family gifts on special occasions helps create a connection to cherished memories or your own loved ones.
  • Tradition and Culture: People buy and wear certain jewellery pieces to honour their heritage, rituals, and customs during festive occasions, this holds a significant ceremonial value.
  • Enhancing the Outfit: Adding jewellery to your attire for social gatherings and events enhances the overall look, adding elegance and confidence to your festive outfit and mood.


Do’s of buying jewellery on festive occasions:


  • Prioritize Purity:

    In Mumbai, India, gold jewellery is available in various purities, primarily 18K, 22K and 24K. Make your choice wisely – 18K offers resilience, 22K offers durability, while 24K is exceptionally pure but softer. Opt for the purity that suits your lifestyle and suits the toughness of celebration mood and cheering vibe.

  • Trust in Hallmarks:

    Always look for the hallmark on your gold jewellery. In India, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) hallmark is the gold standard, certifying purity and authenticity, perfectly matching your true festivity and happiness mood.

  • Stay Informed:

    Gold prices can fluctuate, so it’s essential to keep an eye on the market. Staying informed about current rates ensures that you pay a fair price for your chosen piece. Antara gives daily gold rates in leading newspapers and on the website, so your occasion stays sparkling unstoppably.

  • Budget Wisely:

    Determine your budget in advance. Having a clear budget allows you to explore designs and price points that align with your financial goals, ensuring your finances balance especially for the soaring festive season.

  • Certifications for Diamonds:

    Celebrate uncompromised, with certification on your favourite diamonds. When purchasing diamond-studded jewellery, insist on diamond certificates. Reputable gold and diamond jewellers provide these certificates, detailing the cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight of the diamonds.

  • Beware of Marketing Gimmicks:

    Celebratory Occasions can get heavy on mind, impacting in hasting with buying decisions. Keep in mind that there are no free lunches. Offers often aim at increasing the price while adding minimal intrinsic value to the product. Prioritize quality and purity over discounts and low prices.


Don’ts of buying jewellery on festive occasions

  • Don’t Rush:

    Avoid making impulsive decisions. Take your time to explore designs, visit multiple stores, and check designs online on Instagram before making a decision.

  • Quality Over Price:

    Never compromise on quality or craftsmanship to save money. High-quality jewellery ensures longevity and value retention.

  • After-Sales Support:

    Inquire about after-sales services, such as repair and maintenance. A reputable jeweller should offer these services to help you maintain your cherished gold and diamond jewellery.

  • Don’t Overlook Return Policies:

    Familiarize yourself with the jeweller’s return and exchange policies, especially when buying gifts or special-occasion jewellery.

  • Resist High-Pressure Sales Tactics:

    Some salespeople may employ aggressive tactics. Stay firm and make decisions at your own pace. A reputable jeweller respects your choices. At Antara Jewellery, we provide our customers with ample time to decide.

Buying the finest jewellery during festivals transcends mere adornment; it is a cultural and emotional investment. By adhering to these do’s and don’ts, you can ensure a rewarding and enjoyable jewellery shopping experience that aligns with your preferences and values, all while celebrating the spirit of festivals.

Explore Antara’s Festive Jewellery Collections


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There is an evident difference in the way parents (older generations) shop for gold jewellery as compared to their  children’s (newer generations) in today’s time. 


Unveiling Generational Dynamic of Gold Jewellery Shopping Trends

In the ever-evolving landscape of consumer behaviour, the juxtaposition of old and new generations’ approaches to jewellery shopping is a fascinating study. The interplay between tradition and modernity manifests in the choices individuals make when acquiring the precious jewellery. Let’s understand the dynamics to connect with  the nuances that differentiate  the shopping patterns of the old guard from the tastes of the current contemporary generation.

A latest study by the World Gold Council (WGC), has revealed interesting trends especially the millennials and Gen-z  have been very active in the gold jewellery  investments arena in the last couple of years. This behaviour has expanded due to the availability of information on the importance of gold and its emotional – cultural aspects has helped maintain the motivation to acquire gold jewellery amongst the current generations especially through the ease of purchase that online channels bring. 

It’s crucial to note that the demand for better designs and consumer experience, a growing awareness about hallmarking, better pricing structures and competitive return policies, as well as the introduction of GST and demonetisation, have all accelerated the shift towards chain stores, too.

  1. Trust Was Deeply Rooted Among the Old Generation

Across generations, local, trusted jewellers have been a beacon of reliability. For the older generation, trust was cultivated through time-honoured relationships. In contrast, the new generation seeks trust in certified excellence and innovative designs, seamlessly bridging heritage and modernity.

  1. Sustainable Sway: Millennials Leading the Charge

In a world increasingly attuned to environmental concerns, the younger generations are wielding their purchasing power to advocate for sustainable and ethical practices in the jewellery industry. 82% of millennials actively seek out brands that prioritise ethical sourcing of materials and environmentally friendly production methods. This stands in stark contrast to the older generation, where only 42% consider sustainability a decisive factor in their purchasing decisions, as per a study done in the  post-pandemic period. 

The evolved eye of the new generation extends beyond aesthetics, with a growing awareness of the impact their choices have on the planet. Millennials and Gen Z are propelling the jewellery industry towards greater accountability and responsibility, gradually. 

  1. Sentimental Investments: A Timeless Thread of Tradition

While the motive of acquisition may differ, one aspect unites both generations—the compelling significance of jewellery as a sentimental investment. A comprehensive Post Pandemic study uncovered that a remarkable 92% of respondents from both age groups consider the emotional value of a piece as paramount in their decision-making process.

For the older generation, jewellery embodies a repository of memories, with pieces often passed down through generations. In contrast, the new generation views jewellery as a symbol of self-expression and individuality, style and social symbols stitching their narratives through personalised pieces that connect with their unique life stories and journeys or purposes. 

In Conclusion:

In the vivid  generational preferences on jewellery shopping, one resonating truth rises—Antara Jewellery in Mumbai,  stands as a timeless bridge connecting the conventional and the modern. As we navigate the shifting waves of consumer preferences, we  acknowledge  and understand the importance of embracing both worlds. Through a legacy with the art in craftsmanship and dedication to preserving the sentimental value of jewellery, Antara Jewellery remains a trusted name, walking with generations and featuring  the elegance of timeless


Presenting the most coveted Gold & Diamond Jewellery styles, eyed by every instagram influencer and taking over the social media town.

Instagram has replaced window shopping in the most elaborate way. You can find accessory trends, any fashion alerts and of course anything on Instagram.

While Instagram is helpful to find these trends, it is often hard to go through the massive clutter online. This is why we have put together the top 10 Instagram trends in the gold and diamond jewellery space. Read on to find out –

Rose Gold Cocktail Rings

Why do women love rose gold? It comes closest to ‘pink gold’. Cocktail rings are statement pieces, but when crafted in rose gold, they become more versatile to wear. The soft blush of the rose gold adds subtlety to the bold rings, making them a blind-eye pick for a day-time occasion or an evening traditional event.


Diamond & Emerald Stone Weaving

Imagine wearing a necklace woven with diamonds and emerald stones to adorn your neck at a formal evening occasion. This perfect Diamond-Emerald pattern knit together in a symmetrical design as if to resemble a blanket of stars.


Mother of Pearl Designs

This trend has picked up during the spring season that was all about pastels and floral designs. But we think this is a classic evergreen trend, a design piece that rarely goes out of style. The green effect blossoms in the mother of pearl designer ring will definitely earn a lot of compliments for you.


Meenakari Work

Meenakari has been an art that comes with a legacy, carried forward through the ages. The handwork is truly beautiful in every design, however this year we have seen something new with this art. This contemporary piece named ‘Neelkamal’ from our Mighty Variety Festive Necklace Collection exhibits the most perfect blend of the night into jewellery, making it a trend to follow.


Convertible Jewellery

A delightful conversation between the wearer and her heritage – discovering gold and diamond opulence that transcends time. A 2 in 1 convertible hand accessory piece – that turns a bracelet turning into earrings involving incredible craftsmanship work.


Stacking and Layering

In today’s day and age – the concept of less is more lies redundant on Instagram. More is always more. More is always going to catch the eye. So go for more – Wear a 3 layered necklace and stack up! Tip – You can do this for bracelets or rings also.


Fusion – Jadau X Diamond Designing

Fusion is always tricky, but when done right it is a masterpiece! Just like that the trend of fusion jewellery has been extended to jadau as well. Revamp your look with this style and get on that bandwagon.


Wear it to work!

We see so many bloggers/celebrities wearing bling to work. Subtlety infused with design is your mantra to being fashionable at work. Pick these trendy yet classic designs to wear to work and wake up every Monday morning to some bling!



Mix and Match

Mixing and matching contrasting designs that create a unique look is what the trendsetters are sporting on the internet. The simplest way to do this is to pick bold necklaces with earrings – this adds some edge to the classic look but also embraces elegance at the same time.


Intricate Filigree work

Finally, the last but definitely not the least – Filigree work. Filigree work is a delicate design made out of gold that makes it look like a meshed or woven pattern. This work is truly a craft that can be mastered by only some – that’s why it is an eye catcher on the internet.


Instagram has become a global source of inspiration for jewellery enthusiasts. From rose-gold rings to emerald necklaces and pearl adornments, the top 10 trends on this platform offer something for all tastes.

The ever-evolving jewellery world continues to captivate with its creativity and craftsmanship. So, embrace your unique style, experiment with the trends that resonate with you, and shine with the beauty of these Best Gold and Diamond Jewellery in Mumbai. Join us on this dazzling journey through the top 10 jewellery trends on Instagram at www.antarajewellery.com



Discover inspiration in the enchanting styles showcased by our beautiful brides who made a statement in Antara’s Bridal Jewellery.

“Planning my wedding look will be super easy” – said no bride ever.

The engagement period for every bride is a mix of moods – heaps of love from the newly formed relationship, frustration from the tiring planning and last but not the least – the overwhelming sensation of making a decision for the perfect wedding look!

Here is a little inspiration for those brides-to-be from our favourite brides of the season, to help them make this decision easier.

Epitome of Elegance

Aishwarya Mohanraj

Every Bride wants her styling efforts to be praised. The choker constantly gains attention in the eyes of others. Our Antara bride Aishwarya knew this and thus chose a Polki Choker Set for her wedding. This unique choker speaks of the enthusiasm of the bride. She added a little flair to this look by pairing it with trendy accessories. Truly Bold and Beautiful in every sense.


Sparkling Look


Janvi Shah

When it comes to the brides, who seek the regal look, a combination of diamonds and emeralds is the right choice. Tradition with a twist of contemporary is what keeps everyone glued to your attire. Look at our Antara bride Janvi who looks stunning in this Emerald set.

 A Regal Look


Hanisi Savla

The exquisite combination of Polki and Gold and gemstones adds the perfect touch of glamour to our bride Hanisi’s look. Polki set in 18kt gold with gemstones highlight the beauty of the bride along with its matching outfit. Truly a Regal look!

The Ethnic Beauty


Disha Gada

Inspired by the Royal Indian look, our Antara bride Disha looks like a Rani on her auspicious wedding day. She is wearing a handmade Kundan set with semi-precious gemstones and Bikaneri Meenakari (enamel) which gives a traditional and an adorable look. Jewellery like these are made by 4 – 5 expert karigars from all over India and take more than 2000 man hours to bring it to life!

Discover the latest trends in Antara’s exquisite bridal jewellery designs

Unveil the epitome of elegance at Antara, where the best bridal jewellery designs in Mumbai come to life. Our curated collection caters to diverse tastes, embracing traditional designs that resonate with classic aesthetics and contemporary pieces for those with a modern flair. Each masterpiece is crafted to enhance the radiance of every bride, creating a unique and memorable wedding ensemble.


As we reflect on the journey through the enchanting styles of our cherished brides and the exquisite bridal jewellery designs they wore, it becomes clear that at Antara, we’re not just crafting jewellery; we’re weaving dreams. Our commitment to timeless elegance, intricate craftsmanship, and a blend of tradition with contemporary aesthetics ensures that every bride finds her perfect statement piece. Explore the magic of Antara’s bridal jewellery, where each design tells a story and becomes an integral part of the bride’s timeless tale.